Rebecca Lou on ‘The Destroyer’

Rebecca Lou will follow up on her debut single ‘Lovesick’ with the fierce power anthem ‘The Destroyer’ on June 24th. It’s a song about letting go of negative energies and boosting your confidence, and you can read Rebecca Lou’s thoughts about the song in the interview below.

What inspired you to write this track?

»I’ve been through some tough times, where I’ve felt extremely negative about everything. Especially after Covid where I haven’t been able to play my music. So I needed to manifest and hold on to my dreams, and that’s how this song came into being. It’s basically about destroying the negativity around you and rising up again.

What do you hope the listener will receive from the track? »I hope the listener will get a confidence boost, gain self trust, and get the courage to take up space and be themselves just the way they are. It brings me a lot of joy and value in my life to dare to dream big. It’s a bit scary too but if you aim for your dreams great things can happen!«.

How is this track connected to the rest of your project?

»This track is quite special to me because the sound shows what kind of genre transformation I’m going through right now and the process is so much fun. You get these massive heavy metal drums and guitars combined with the sugar coated pop beat underneath that drives the track forward. That’s the essence of doom pop to me <3«.

Rebecca Lou will release ‘The Destroyer’ on June 24th through W.A.S. Entertainment (DK).