Silque: “We were in way over our heads”

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Meet Silque. A band that was close to breaking but ended up blossoming and reuniting. On September 18, 2020, "Odyssey" will be released - their most personal and composed album to date.

Photo: Martin Fält "A great deal of things have been going on the last two years" - Lauge Heebøll, drummer in Silque, as he looks over at his three band mates, Anders Friis (vocals), Mads Kieler (guitar) and Mathias Bust (bass) - they nod affirmatively.

For the past two years, Silque has been developing rapidly - for better and for worse. Their debut album Gloria (2017) and EP Red / Blue (2018) placed the band firmly on the musical scene and resulted in both publicity, radio airplay and strong live shows. At the same time, it opened the doors to the notorious music industry with all the temptations that come with it:

“We thought, now we’re gonna conquer the world! Everything had to be bigger and bigger, wilder and wilder. You had to attend the right parties and be the last one to go,” says lead singer Anders Friis.

As the single "Drive" was in rotation on nationwide radio in 2018, the parties piled up with exclusive after-parties and trendy nightclub visits. For some of the band members, it got out of control. The parties became a quick confidence booster and an escape from anxiety, insecurity and loneliness. But being the last one standing on the dance floor ultimately reinforced all three things.

An endless party

For the band, there is no doubt that it has been a period of division. Some disappeared further and further into the night - others distanced themselves and were thus excluded from the rest of the flock. Common to all of them was loneliness. The self-confidence was false, and the parties were not endless:

“When you are in it, you feel that everyone loves you and that you love everyone. But when you think about it, you probably have been the loneliest person on the dance floor. The others go home early with the friends they have. You go on alone without the friends who have gone home."

It was a heartfelt care for each other that eventually got the band pushed together again. The four boys have known each other since high school, and, as in a year-long marriage, they managed to talk things through and move on together. Strengthened in their internal relationships.

Odyssey - a showdown with the retrospective rock music

"Odyssey" is, with its grandiose title, an album that addresses the journey Silque's four members have been on - both as a band and as individuals. It encapsulates the maturation process needed for Silque to flourish again after being well and thoroughly trampled:

“Now we have come to a place where we can finally talk about these things. We have always said that we are just these happy guys - but something is always hiding below the surface.”

The blossoming of the band is also reflected in the production of Odyssey. Gone is the retro aesthetic that dominated the debut album Gloria. Instead, space has now been given to musical experiments, synthesizers, drummers and manipulated vocals.

"We have embraced a bombastic sound universe where we have tried to include lots of small details, which will require a lot of attention from listener. At the same time we have tried to make songs where there is room for the music and where the lyrics are in contrast to the sound. In a way, Odyssey radiates all the chaotic thoughts, feelings and processes of our personal lives that have been present during creation."

The song “Lovesong”'s crackling electronic outro sends out the thought of a late rave party while album opener “Venus” captures the listener with its pulsating disco chant. A composed sound universe carried by lead singer Anders Friis' impressive vocals.

"Odyssey" will be released on September 4, 2020, via W.A.S. Entertainment, and the single "Anticipation" will be released on August 21, 2020.