SOÉL: »I was reminded that making music doesn’t have to be complicated«.

In the process of making her new EP Danish SOÉL found out that her heart truly belongs to pop music. This realization came when she met her new producer and she learned to trust her own intuition.

Photo cred: Mads Siggaard

Singer and songwriter SOÉL has played around with different genres and it took some time before she found out that pop music was where she belonged. But when she met her producer Malthe Seierup everything came together:

»When I met Malthe who produced the EP, making music felt right again. I think I was reminded that making music doesn’t have to be complicated – especially when you make the kind of pop music that I’m making. I got the feeling that this was the way my music was supposed to sound, and this was how making music should feel«, SOÉL says.

That feeling layed the groundwork for the EP – the feeling of confidence coming back to SÓEL. Little by little she got a taste for making music again, and she regained the courage to trust her gut feeling. Instead of overanalyzing her music, her career, even life in general, SOÈL began trusting her intuition.

That new perspective was extremely important to SOÉL who had spent a lot of energy trying to adapt to the music industry and people’s opinions of her and her music. Instead she found a new approach to making music and finally felt at home in the clean pop she makes today where the immediate, the uplifting and catchy take the front seat. That is also reflected in the EP’s title: ‘Melomaniac’:

»’Melomaniac’ is a term I found by coincidence in an online dictionary a long time ago, and it describes a condition where some people are extremely affected by music and sounds. I’ve always found it difficult to write lyrics, because I don’t pay that much attention to lyrics myself. When I listen to music I listen to the melodies and react strongly to them. It hasn’t always been like that, and it has changed a bit throughout my career, but melodies and chords are still what really affects me in music. I guess most people feel that way, but some listen more closely to the lyrics instead of just feeling the music«, SOÉL says.

In that sense the term ‘Melomaniac’ fits perfectly to the feelings behind the EP and SOÉL’s approach to music. In the world of SOÉL the shortest way to your emotions goes through uplifting pop choruses, strong melodies and down-to-earth lyrics. She wants you to be able to feel the music right away.

SOÉL will release her debut EP ‘Melomaniac’ on October 15th, 2021 through W.A.S. Entertainment.