Soél on ‘Baby Guide’

Soél's pregnancy kick-started a flood of emotions inside her, which now has turned into the single ‘Baby Guide’. Read her thoughts on the song in this interview with the talented singer.

What inspired you to write the song?

After a long pregnancy, where I had had a picture of how you would naturally reach a point where you were just ready for the baby, I realised that I had used all my energy on preparing for the birth, because it scared the life out of me. However, I hadn’t put much thought into actually caring for the baby and becoming a parent. At the same time, I felt heavy as a house, so I really just wanted the baby to soon find its way out of this preggotel!

I had so many opposing feelings, which was so anxiety-provoking that I could hardly be in it. And then when I was sitting in the studio with my producer Malthe, a few days before I went into labor, I could feel that I needed to try to get my mind down on paper. And I needed it not to get too solemn or serious. I simply needed to write a text for myself that I could reflect on a bit. And we actually had a huge laugh about it in the studio. It was really fun to write this song.

Photo: Mads Siggaard.

What do you want a listener to get out of hearing the number?

First of all, I hope the listener can laugh a little at the theme with me. That being said, it's not exactly the sexiest or most popular topic to write songs about, so if there are some (expectant) moms out there who can recognize a little bit of themselves in the song, and if it perhaps can bring a smile on their face, it will be so amazing. Either way, I don't think there is anything wrong with feeling a little lost in both a pregnancy and in the parenting role afterwards. Maybe it makes it a little easier for us to laugh a little at it?

Is there anything else that you think is important to highlight about the number?

For me, it was insanely difficult to mentally comprehend that I was pregnant. I was really looking forward to the baby arriving, and I could easily relate to the fact that I was going to have a baby. But the pregnancy was hard to adjust to because it meant I had to do a lot of things very differently than before. For example, I was also super tired during almost the entire pregnancy, which meant that I suddenly couldn’t do as much as I was used to before I got pregnant. And in addition, I was constantly nervous about doing everything wrong. It felt wrong not to be over the moon about being pregnant. But it's just not a condition I'm comfortable with.

All in all, the 9 months have been a long process where I have tried to adjust to a change that I did not really know what was. That uncertainty, I think, has also in a way settled in me - in addition to the normal uncertainty all new parents must experience - and that is why I wish there was a concrete baby guide for exactly my baby.

'Baby Guide' is out on April 9th via W.A.S. Entertainment.