SOÉL on ‘Nobody But You’

On August 20th SOÉL will release the first single from her forthcoming EP ‘Melomaniac’. ‘Nobody But You’ is an uplifting pop song about admiring another person and you can read more about it in this interview.

Photo cred: Mads Siggaard

What inspired you to write the track?

»I don’t have a specific experience or story that inspired ‘Nobody But You’. It is inspired by a feeling. I think we all recognize the feeling of being completely crazy about a person, whilst also being insecure about how long you get to stay in that feeling. I know that feeling too well«.

What are your hopes for the listener to take away from the track? »I hope the listener will get in a good mood and would want to sing along to the chorus – or make a cool TikTok dance!«

How is the track connected to the rest of your project? »This is the first song I wrote with my producer Malthe Seierup, who co-wrote most of the EP. It feels like the song almost wrote itself, and it carved out the direction for ‘Melomaniac’. The EP contains a lot of different emotions and states of mind. This track is probably the most uplifting and straight forward«.

Is there anything you want to highlight from the track? »The song was originally written in a major key, but something didn’t feel right. Malthe ended up changing the key to a minor key instead. It sounded really weird at first, but at the same time it felt totally right«.

‘Nobody But You’ will be released through W.A.S. Entertainment August 20th, 2021.