SOÉL on ‘Twenty Too Many

On September 24th SOÉL is releasing the second single from her forthcoming EP ‘Melomaniac’. The single ‘Twenty Too Many’ is a catchy pop song about having bad habits and always having a ton of bad excuses. Read more about the single in this interview.

Cred: Mads Siggaard

What inspired you to write this song?

»I have always been the type to have a lot of bad habits. I’m a very time optimistic person, which means I’m often running late to things even though I’ve started getting ready hours before. I have a tendency to always be caught up by something that needs to be done - and suddenly I’m late… again«

»I can’t even count how many times fitness and yoga memberships have gone to waste in my life. I have the best intentions, but I always end up making up bad excuses for why I just can’t make it anyway«

»Although I’m always trying to improve as a person, and especially to not waste anybody’s time, unfortunately I haven’t cracked the code yet. Therefore I’m often either late or way too early - it really is a work in progress«

»Basically ‘Twenty Too Many’ is inspired by my bad habits and I want to share my imperfections with the listener in a more humoristic way. Hopefully people can recognize some of it within themselves«.

What are your hopes for the listener to take with them from the song?

»I hope that the listener can relate to the song and maybe laugh a little. For me it is definitely important to laugh at my own mistakes and remember not to take myself too seriously. Additionally, the song has become some sort of reminder that it is important to work on some of the things I’m not good at«.

How is the song connected to the rest of your project?

»Well the theme for my EP ‘Melomaniac’ is just feelings - It’s that basic.

I’m a person who is deeply connected with my emotions, for good or bad. Sometimes I love to just cry my eyes out for no apparent reason, in the same way I love to laugh - especially at myself. I can be clumsy and I know I’m not perfect, therefore this song fits right in. Because I’m able to say out loud that I have a talent for coming up with excuses, even though I know it is a bad habit«.