Vakle and Espichicoque on ‘Through Your Eyes’

On September 10th Danish producer Vakle will release her debut single ‘Through Your Eyes’ made in collaboration with musician and songwriter Espichicoque. The song is a powerful r’n’b-track with an important agenda; it is about how hurtful and exhausting it is to always be met with prejudices and assumptions about who you are.

Cred: Sofi Hellberg Olsson

»It is so frustrating that I can’t say “I’m from Denmark”, or “I’m a professional drummer” without the next question being “But where are you really from?” and “But are you good at it?«, says Espichicoque. »It is a constant battle to be in the world as you are and to make a good first impression«.

These thoughts are the inspiration behind the song ‘Through Your Eyes’. A fierce song about how minorities always are confronted with other people’s assumptions about who they are.

Vakle and Espichicoque are both minorities – but in different ways. Vakle because of her sexuality and her gender, and Espichicoque because of her gender and skin color. This has led to important conversations about the two musicians who are working together for the first time on ‘Through Your Eyes’.

»The lyrics started a very important dialogue between me and Emilie (Espichicoque red.) – and also between me and other people around me. We have a lot in common since we’re both minorities, but we are very different as well. As a drummer and a producer we are both minorities in a male dominated industry, but we are also minorities based on other things. Me, because of my sexuality, and Emilie is a minority in Denmark because of her skin color – the difference between the two is, that you can’t always tell that I’m queer based on my appearance. Emilie’s skin color is always visible, and something people notice every time she leaves her home«.

That difference has also led to an inner conflict for Espichicoque; It is important for her that as many people as possible are included in the fight for equality – but it is also important for her to underline that oppression works in different ways depending on your minority status.

»It hurts me deeply when I’m being doubted, discriminated against, reduced and objectified because of my skin color. The historical dimension and the fact that I can’t go outside without it, triggers a particular pain. I’m aware that there are people facing different challenges than me. I’m not in the back of the line when it comes to finding jobs or apartments, since my skin is relatively light and I have a Danish first- and last name that I can use. But I’m determined to expand my horizon, stay nuanced, listen and open my eyes for the rest of my life. The song is an invitation for other people to do the same«, Espichicoque says.

‘Through Your Eyes’ will be released through VUF on September 10th.