W.A.S. Entertainment Expands With New Sync Department

After receiving widespread praise and having represented some of the most interesting new Danish artists in 2020 W.A.S. Entertainment is expanding the business with the launch of a new sync department.

»We’ve spent 2020 improving our primary business areas and now the time has come to optimize and expand our function as a label and publisher. Synchronization is going to play a primary role in that expansion,« says founder and CEO Jakob Løkkegaard-Friese. »This way we will be able to provide our talented artists with even better opportunities when it comes to getting their music out in the world«.

Photo: Mathias Zdziemborski.

W.A.S. Entertainment has had the wish of expanding for a while and now the right person to manage the task has been found. Mathias Zdziemborski will be the new head of sync at W.A.S. Entertainment and having worked at GL Music, Tambourhinoceros and Distortion Festival he is extremely well-suited to make the artists of W.A.S. Entertainment known to new platforms. Mathias holds a bachelor's degree in business economics from Copenhagen Business School and graduated with a master’s degree in Management of Creative Business Processes. This makes him the perfect link between creative and commercial interests, and he is looking forward to running the new department:

»The goal of the new sync department is to spread our repertoire to new target audiences, connect the music to new opportunities, and to offer high artistic quality to our clients. W.A.S. Entertainment’s artists provide special, authentic stories that can bring personality and uniqueness to live images. Furthermore our music is easy to clear for sync since we manage master and publishing rights (one-stop) and work closely with our artists«, Mathias says.

W.A.S. Entertainment’s special profile and the artists’ curious uncompromising way of making music constitute the drive behind the sync department launching on March 1st 2021.

For business inquiries Mathias Zdziemborski can be reached through:

Email: maz@wasentertainment.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mathias-zdziemborski-731658151/

Tlf: +4520820817

W.A.S. Entertainment is a music company that handles management, label work and music marketing in house. W.A.S. Entertainment aims to create a sustainable and inclusive music industry and they are representing some of the most interesting upcoming Danish acts such as Reveal Party, Brimheim, Girlcrush and Kamma.