Foto: Sebastian Apel

Emily Nyhuus, the woman behind the tongue-in-cheek name Reveal Party, writes songs about existing in a chaos of complicated emotions, and how one might have to cut them off completely when they become too hard to handle. »Cut your feelings, like me« is the quiet advice given on the opening track from her debut EP ‘You Stole a Year of My Life’, that established Reveal Party as one of the strongest new acts on the Danish music scene and gained praise and attention from both Danish and international media.


Reveal Party tells the story of the darkness and hopelessness that affected Emily during the year where she waited to receive hormone treatment so that her appearance would be in accordance with her identified gender. »They stole a year of my life, but I almost lost a lot more than that«, she says about the challenging time. 


But Reveal Party is also the story of friendship, love and personal growth. Inspirations range from midwest emo to uplifting pop songs and therefore Reveal Party embodies the sound of both melancholy and hope. The common thread remains the gut-wrenchingly honest lyrics, Emily’s trembling yet determined voice and the ubiquitous ocean of distorted guitars. 


Reveal Party has received airplay on the Danish radio stations P6 Beat and P3 and been featured in interviews with media such as DR, Femina and Soundvenue.


In July 2021 the band played at the Roskilde Festival curated Summer Days Festival.


"The mix between gritty, messy guitars and the glasslike sensibility to Nyhuus’ vocals creates a beautiful, sharp contrast, and you can keep diving into the rich soundscapes"

– Soundvenue (DK)

'"The honesty and strength inherent in these richly-textured pop songs weave a battle flag for trans people everywhere. At the heart of the music is the deep and universal dream of love triumphing over fear"

– The fandomentals (US)

"’You Stole a Year of MY life’ has a freshness to it and at the same time it’s a vulnerable EP telling the story of life, we rarely get the chance to hear about"