Foto: Sofi Hellberg Olsson

How does the 80’s heavy metal sound if you invite it into 2022? And what does punk really sound like in 2022? With a touch of pop Springer has the answer.


Springer is a nuanced and modern musician who in a unique way creates music that combines the energetic nerve of punk with the catchy aesthetic of pop. 


With a history in the punk rock underground and as a member of several bands in this environment, Springer is now releasing music on his own. It is still important for Springer to write music about society and its issues, and he has found his place in pop music, where he manages to preserve the savage energy from his musical upbringing.


The experienced musician already established his name last year when he released his debut EP ‘Bad Choice’, where the political, experimental and powerful single ‘Protection’ became track of the week (Ugens Uundgåelige) on Danish radio station P3. Springer writes songs about love, jealousy, anger and relations, and he isn’t afraid to show that it’s possible to be rowdy and punk but at the same time create pop bangers.


Foto: Sofi Hellberg Olsson


"With his debut EP ‘Bad Choice’, Jakob Emil Lamdahl positions himself as one to watch before he shoots for the stars"



"The unrestrained rock contained every emotion imaginable, from grand rock ballads to trashy punk" 


- Bands of Tomorrow (DK)